Rules on posting in the Freebie Forum

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Rules on posting in the Freebie Forum

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:24 am

Rules for the Freebie forum....

PLEASE SEARCH before you post a freebie. If it's already been posted, just reply to that post and it will bump it back up to the top of the front page, instead of reposting it. Reposts will be deleted.

Make sure that the item is really free. If it requires S&H or a purchase to get, then it isn't free and should be posted in the

If the freebie you want to post is actually a coupon (even one for a free item) it should be posted in the Coupons forum instead of here.

"Pine Cone banner" posts are not allowed, they will be deleted immedialty.

No posting information on how to defraud any company or promotion of any kind of illegal or unethical activity.

If something you posted here gets deleted, then it was a repost, spam.

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