365 Free Songs: Free MP3 Per Day From Rhapsody

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365 Free Songs: Free MP3 Per Day From Rhapsody

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:20 pm

365 Free Songs: Free MP3 Per Day From Rhapsody
Rhapsody.com's MP3 service has been getting some press lately, mostly because folks are in love with the fact that you can listen online to any song they've got for free. So when you finally realize what song it is whose one lyric is stuck in your head, you can have a listen without having to buy the thing. But Rhapsody's doing one better. Now they're giving away an MP3 a day - not just for a listen, but for a download. The catch is it's their pick (obv. we would love it more if it was any song we wanted) but in the spirit of Starbucks' free MP3 cards it may actually help you discover some brilliant music. But Rhapsody's picks are also less obscure. Today's (4/27) is "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH!s, which you've heard on the radio. Allow us to remind you. It's the song with the inexplicable line: "do the Helen Keller...and talk with your hips." Get Your MP3s!


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